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This is a summary of key policies that are binding on all members of the school community for the benefit of our students. A more detailed explanation of school policies is in the Parent/Guardian - Student Handbook.

St. Angela Merici strives to be a faith community. It is the explicit goal of all members of the school community to hold and to support each other in the education of our students.

1. St. Angela Merici School is a Catholic elementary institution operated under the auspice of the Archdiocese of New York. As members of a Catholic school, all students participate in daily prayer, in regularly scheduled religious services and in daily religion lessons. Students are required to participate in the school’s religious life and they are required to successfully fulfill the study portion of faith to earn promotion and graduation.

2. Admissions and re-registrations are privileges and not rights. Academic, behavioral and financial obligations must be fulfilled on a yearly basis before re-registrations can be approved. School administration has the authority to grant or deny re-registration and admission.

3. The school exercises reasonable discipline policies. These are described in the Parent/Guardian – Student Handbook. Parents and guardians are asked to review these policies with their children. It is important to keep an open line of dialogue between the school and the home for the benefit of the children.

4. All students must follow school regulations regarding uniforms. Details on this are in the Parent/Guardian – Student Handbook. To avoid a diversity of uniforms, the school uniform must be purchased through Lu-Del’s Uniforms. Failure to cooperate results in discipline and repeated difficulties result in denial of re-registration.

5. Faculty and administration from time to time recommend psychological educational testing for students when their behavior and/or academic difficulties indicate they are necessary. The purpose of these recommendations is to determine the nature of the students’ difficulties and to program adjustments that students may need. Failure to follow the school’s recommendations for testing, therapeutic treatment and placement in programs results in denial of re-registration.

6. Families must comply with all financial obligations for their children to attend and remain at our school.





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