The school provides a hot lunch through the Archdiocesan School Nutrition program or the local Department or Board of Education In order to participate in a free or reduced lunch program, parents must complete a form that will be distributed in September. Criteria for eligibility is noted on the form. If your child is not eligible for a free or reduced lunch program, and you wish your child to participate in the hot lunch program, you must send lunch money to the school on a weekly basis, in an envelope marked with your child’s name, your child’s class, and the amount of money. The envelope must clearly state LUNCH MONEY.

• Each child is assigned a seat in the lunchroom and is expected to remain in the assigned seat until dismissed.

• It is the responsibility of the individual child to keep the area clean.

• Respect and obedience are to be shown at all times to those who work in the lunchroom.

• In good weather, the children go directly from lunchroom to the Play yard; first lunch until 11:30am, and second lunch until 12:30.

• During inclement weather children have recess in the Gymnasium

• If a child normally eats lunch in school every day and will be eating out on a particular day, a note must be presented to the teacher giving the child permission to eat out for the day. A designated adult must pick up and return the student within the lunch period. TELEPHONE PERMISSION IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Water bottles, juice bottles or liquids of any kind are not allowed in the school, this includes but not limited to Cafeteria, school yard and/ or classrooms.





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