August 2016


Merici2020 is our school wide, long term strategic plan. The purpose of Merici2020 will be to guarantee our institution a strong future rooted in our collective past. Merici2020 promises to:

1. Increase enrollment beyond its current, already very strong state, to the point where a waiting list is a yearly necessity and not an occasional occurrence.

2. Raise $50,000 by the end of the current school year to establish a student activities program that will expand student clubs and organizations and expand intramural athletics.

3. Reduce the amount of paper and textbooks we use yearly as we expand our Chromebook program and increase our reliance on instructional technology to prepare students for the future and create a cohort of 21st Century Learners

4. Re-establish an active, engaged, and participatory Advisory Board that makes a difference in the lives of our school on the inside while they constantly work for our advancement on the outside.

5. Establish a long-term fundraising plan for student activities, athletics, and the musical and performing arts to ensure that our students are more than just textbook learners, but holistic learners and citizens of the world in which they live.

I am proud of our goals, and proud to welcome anyone from within or outside our community who wants to work on them along with us. St. Angela Merici School is an institution in the Bronx, and together we will expand its footprint in our neighborhood and in our borough as we come together and work.

Each day I go into our school, I am reminded that what we do, we do, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, for the Greater Glory of God.

Christ’s Peace,

John Bellocchio, M.Phil., Ed.S.









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