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A. Tuition

Tuition and fees cover approximately 79% of the school’s costs to educate children. This 79% is paid by the parents. St. Angela’s ability to collect this 68% demonstrates financial stability as a school that is important to the community and supported by the community. Thus parents at St. Angela’s receive 21% financial assistance to educate their children.

The SMART Tuition Company collects our tuition and is the tuition company used by all of the schools in our region. If you are returning to St. Angela’s you are automatically re enrolled in SMART. You will be billed by SMART for the enrollment fee of $40. Tuition is NOT accepted at the school for the safety and security of the children and staff. Participation in the program is a requirement for attendance.

The school retains the right to withhold academic records and report cards, and to deny entry to class for students when their accounts are in arrears for tuition and / or fees.

Annual Tuition Rates for 2015 to 2016

Tuition is paid in ten installments from August to May. Parishioners (K to 8) registered and active members in St. Angela Merici Church. Active parishioner families regularly participate at Sunday Mass and contribute a minimum of $250 per calendar year to the parish. Contributions must be made by using the Church’s envelopes because there is no way to track contributions dropped in the basket.

  Annual Monthly

• One child family $3638 $363.80
• Two children family $6762 $676.20
• Three children family $9560 $956.00
• Four children or more $1735 annually per student.  


Non-parishioners (K to 8) - Catholics who are not registered at St. Angela Merici Church or who are not active in the life of the parish. Non-Catholics are also considered non parishioners.

  Annual Monthly

• One child family $3967 $396.70
• Two children family $7120 $712.00
• Three children family $9948 $994.80
• Four children or more additional $1179 annually per student.  


Pre-Kindergarten: $4663 annually or $466.30 monthly per child per month. There is no discount for a child in the Pre Kindergarten program.

SMART Tuition Highlights

1. Payments are due August 2015 through May 2016. Families choose to pay either on the 5th or the 20th of each month.

2. Families have a choice of monthly invoice billing or automatic withdrawal (ACH) from a checking account, a savings account or a credit card.

3. SMART Tuition allows the following credit card types: American Express, Master Card or Discover. Please note that the credit card companies charge a 2.65% convenience fee per transaction.

4. Families may make an electronic payment from their checking or statement savings account online with no fee for this convenience.

5. SMART Tuition must receive payments by the due date that you elect. This due date will be specified on your monthly bill or email reminder. If the total amount due is not received by this date your account is subject to a $35 late fee per month until the balance is paid.

6. Families have access to their accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on the Internet at

7. Families have access to the SMART Tuition Parent Help Center 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling their toll free line (888) 868 – 8828.

8. There is a $40 annual administrative fee per family. This fee will be billed by and paid to SMART via a check or money order. Enrollment fees are not collected by the school. Enrollment fees can be paid to SMART Tuition by all payment methods except for cash. SMART Tuition accepts check, money order, automatic deduction (with first tuition payment) credit card or phone payment. There is no service charge for phone payments.

B. Scholarships and Grants

Be a Student’s Friend (BASF), awards scholarships to families who meet the financial and academic criteria. Only families and students who are in good standing at school are eligible to apply.

“Building the future one child at a time.” Families who participate in scholarship programs are responsible for the tuition balances and fees. They must register with SMART and are bound to the same policies as the families who are not in the scholarship programs. Scholarship recipients must have accounts current or scholarships will be revoked for the following academic year.

C. Fund-Raisers and other fees

All families must participate in mandatory fundraiser. Failure to fulfill these obligations will result in your account being delinquent. All other school fees are due on the deadlines scheduled in school notices. Fundraiser's - Mandatory

• Fall Candy Sale - contribution of $75 or sell $150 of candy/gift items per child.

• Spring Fundraiser - contribution of $75 or sell $150 of candy/gift items per child.

Annual fees

• Re-Registration $ 60 per child
• New Registration $ 100 per child
• Books & Materials Fee $140 per child
• Computer Fee $110 per child
• Building maintenance $ 56 per child

For your convenience the Computer fee and the Building maintenance fee are added to the monthly tuition payments. These are broken into ten monthly payments of $16.60 for the benefit of the parents.

D. Returned Checks – There is $50 returned check fee due for all checks returned by our bank.

E. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED AT THE SCHOOL. - PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE WITH CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS. (Checks are accepted only if you have not had any returned checks in the prior school year.)


F. Refunds

The re-registration fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The book fee is refundable prior to the first day of school. All other fees or fund-raising payments are non-refundable non-transferable when a student withdraws from school.

Tuition is refundable prior to the first day of the month.

Families who re-register for the following academic year and have unpaid school bills, authorize the school to transfer the future payments to the current debt.





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